About us

The National Association of Life&Death is a humanitarian, non-profit organization, neutral in respect to religion, politics, race, gender, social groups and economic interests. Our purpose is to work for a worthy parting with life.

We work to …

  • Ensure that people get a worthy parting with life
  • Help people fulfill their wishes towards the end of life
  • Break down the taboos around death
  • Inform about issues associated with death



The Funebarium

The association is situated in the heart of Copenhagen, where our exhibition space The Funebarium is also placed. The Funebarium is an exhibition space devoted to the subject of death.

Our permanent exhibition provides a good basis for reflection and conversation about death, loss, grief and burial. In our permanent exhibition we focus on:

  • What choices we have towards the end of life
  • A worthy parting with life
  • The burial and the funeral
  • Rituals of grief and rememberance

As part of our permanent exhibition, you can for example see a version of the Tree of Life and write your wishes in life on a leaf and put it on the tree. You can also see a casket and an urn.

Our temporary exhibitions focus on aspects of life and death with different contemporary themes and artistic forms of expression.

The Last Farewell

Billede 6 af 7

The theme in this room is the last farewell and rituals around funerals. Here you can see among other things a coffin, an urn and a tombstone.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9.am to 3.pm.   

Entrance: 30 DKK 

Booking of guided tours in The Funebarium can be made for groups of minimum 10 persons.

The price for guided tours for groups is: 750 DKK
Outside opening hours: 1125 DKK

Contact information

Tel.: +45 33 36 49 70